The Ceremony

Cantner_348472498_coverKat and Colin were married in New Hope, Pennsylvania on November 1st, 2014. The ceremony consisted of our parents and siblings, nieces and nephews.

Everyone gathered on Halloween for a “rehearsal” dinner – costumes were mandatory! We’ll post more pictures as the weekend continues.

The ceremony started at precisely 3:30ish on the 1st, in the breakfast room of Olivia’s Bridge Street Inn in New Hope, PA. Afterwards, we all went to Anton’s at the Swan across the river for a very charming dinner.


2 thoughts on “The Ceremony

  1. I love this!…my idea of the perfect wedding. Maybe if we all dressed in costumes more often the world would be a happier and kinder place. Congrats Colin and Kat. You too, John and Susan.

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