The best gift would be seeing you at one of our gatherings; however, in keeping with tradition, we have created a registry.

Now, on the subject of registries… Colin, it’s been said, can be a bit of a snob.  To that end, he can’t imagine finding everything in one store. It’s hard to find a place that sells both the “right” pie weights and the “right” microfiber scrubbing towel.

It turns out, there is such a store.  Or, at least it used to be a store.  Now it’s some sort of gadget-and-cloud-platform company.  But they still sell stuff.!

As you probably know, we are very active people who enjoy new experiences. Therefore, we have also created a registry that allows people to contribute to our joint adventures. You can find this registry at Zola, which is a site for people with fancy urban lofts and tables made from reclaimed wood. The site lets us create “meta items” related to our honeymoon in Malaysia – so, if you’d rather, you can help contribute towards plane tickets or fun activities.