Cantner_348472498_page4We’ll be holding a reception in Minnesota on June 20th, 2015.  The reception will be from 3 – 7pm at the Highland Park Picnic Pavilion in St. Paul, MN.  We’re excited to share our city with many of you for the first time.  It’s sure to be a fun and exciting weekend!

This is going to be a very casual outdoor event.  There won’t be color-coordinated table runners or choreographed dances.  But there will be burgers, music, a bouncy castle and a rock climbing walls.

Oh, and also donuts and ice cream.  Yes.  For real.

We didn’t set out intending to win at wedding receptions, but if that happens, who are we to argue.

Dress for outdoor fun – the kind of clothes you wear for bouncy obstacle courses.


Accommodations and Transportation

For folks coming from out of town, we’d love to help you have a great time here in the Twin Cities.  We’ve got great mass transit, so staying in either downtown offers you a lot of flexibility, and you can use the light rail to get in from the airport.  If you’re staying in downtown St. Paul, the 54 bus will take you to the park (though you’ll have to walk up a small hill).  From downtown Minneapolis, there are options via either light rail line – check the Metrotransit website for help.  Or rent a car and enjoy our abundant parking!  Here are a few options, but feel free to get in touch if you’d like some help.




We love helping people discover the cities (and we love planning trips) so get in touch if you want some thoughts. There are lots of great tours, whether you want to kayak, segway, bike, or drive.

Weekend Agenda Ideas:

If you’re up for biking, you can do a 24hour pass ($6) with NiceRide, our bike share.  That’s a great way to get around.  The Twin Cities are super bike friendly, and you’ll find NiceRide stations all over.  If you’re crossing town on bike, check out the Midtown Greenway, which connects to many of our other bike-only trails.  We’ve also got great transit, Car2Go, plus all your normal travel options.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.08.37 PMWe’ve put together a map with each of these itineraries, if you’re so inclined.  Check it out on Google Maps, and let us know if you have any questions.

Minneapolis Riverfront:

Uptown (the part of Minneapolis that’s below Downtown):

St. Paul (the good city)

  • Check out the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.  This one is our most food-centric market in the area.  Say hi to Kat and Colin.
  • If you’re up for a bit of a wait, Buttered Tin is a great brunch spot near the market.  Or, also in downtown, check out Mickey’sGolden’s or the Day By Day.
  • Head up the hill and stroll Summit Ave, home to all the lumber and rail tycoons.
  • Feeling like an adventurous lunch?  Check out the Hmongtown Marketplace.  Or any of the amazing Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian or Cambodian places on University Avenue.  We love the Thai Cafe and Trieu Chau in particular.
  • Head to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, stroll the park and lake, visit the animals, or play at the amusement park.

Other Sites and Events

  • We have an amazing Historical Society.  If the weather is nice, check out Fort Snelling, which has both a historical site and some great trails.
  • St. Paul has a brand new minor league baseball stadium which is a total blast.  Check out the Saints website for details.
  • We have an abundance of Farmers Markets.  Check out this helpful guide and map.
  • There’s the Mall of America…
  •  We’ve got some world class art museums, like the Walker (including the sculpture garden) and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  For the science nerds, the Science Museum has a new exhibit on space and many levels of fun and learning.
  • We’re surrounded by nature, if you’re looking for a day trip.  Check out Stillwater and Taylors Falls, or just drive until you run into an interesting-looking lake.

If you’re looking for dinner, the Cities have an overabundance of great options.  Some favorites?  W.A. Frost, Heartland, Hola Arepa, Revival, Corner Table, Bachelor Farmer, Red Stag…